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Inside safepicks

SafePicks NFL Expert Picks 2023 Weekly Schedule -  Inside Handicapping NFL Schedule  

Serving Winning NFL Expert Picks & NFL Predictions since 2003!  Over 20 years of NFL betting success.  It PAYS to go SAFE!


Inside SafePicks NFL Expert Picks - Weekly Schedule Inside NFL Handicapping
NFL handicapping is time-consuming and takes extremely hard work!  With SafePicks NFL Expert picks churned out for every pro football week, there is absolutely NO room for compromise in delivering reliable and profitable NFL picks!  Truthfully, for over 17 years, SafePicks NFL Handicapping has settled for nothing less than success with NFL picks that pay! From very early Monday morning right through to Sunday, we schedule NFL handicapping labour hours for the entire pro football week to follow! Our entire SafePicks.com team of NFL experts and contributors spend endless hours preparing for NFL game days every week, leading to NFL game day weekends. The mission is always to produce reliable (and profitable) NFL picks for SafePicks.com users.  Make no mistake, it's a hectic NFL football handicapping schedule, we schedule NFL football business every day, with so many activities to be conducted! The following is a brief day-to-day accounting of a typical week within an NFL playing season.  It’s what the entire SafePicks.com NFL handicapping team endures during their weekly schedule: 

Monday And Tuesday NFL Schedule:  Is All About NFL Game Analysis And NFL Betting Lines 
The timetable schedule on Monday and Tuesday for SafePicks.com and our team of NFL experts primarily revolves around acquiring full accounts of every NFL game played over the past pro football weekend, including watching and analyzing the NFL action on Monday night football. Then the painstaking analysis and dissection of full play-by-plays andbox scores for each game is executed by our team of SafePicks.com NFL experts, right down to each second played. They even examine coaching decisions made, acquiring vital sideline information pertaining to every team's performance.  Various elements impacting final outcomes and noteworthy events are assessed, while final scores and key statistics are examined, and entered into the SafePicks in-house computer program for future analysis. Final NFL score outcomes are thoroughly examined then analyzed against the previously published NFL betting lines for that weekend. Las Vegas established NFL betting lines and accuracies for the past NFL football week are assessed and final accuracy concluded. A Vegas accuracy rate for the NFL pro football week passed is established for future reference.  Critical evaluations are made of NFL teams - in light of the week to follow.  Approximate schedule time consumed, (both days): 18 - 26 hours.

More NFL Handicapping And NFL Injury Analysis On Wednesday’s Weekly Schedule
Wednesday's we schedule football handicapping activities whereby the SafePicks.com NFL expert team makes preliminary calculations of NFL point spread picks for upcoming NFL games; against the average NFL betting lines posted for the week, by way of computer program output. Then the rest of the day’s schedule for this NFL football handicapping week is dedicated to analyzing the statistical numbers from games played the previous weekend versus season-to-date and historical norms. Everything from turnovers forced and committed, to rushing and passing yards, and all statistical numbers in between are scrutinized and exhaustively studied. Audio and video from post-game and Monday/Tuesday press conferences are closely examined, where feedback clues and indicators from coaches and players will help determine the physical and mental status of every team heading into their next NFL game.  Such analysis is critical for the SafePicks.com team of NFL experts, as certain feedback literally provides invaluable insight into a team's current state of mind, during preparations for its upcoming game.

The NFL injury report is usually made available, (although our NFL experts get their information sometimes sooner from their unique sources) where preliminary assessments are made on the state of every NFL team in terms of impacting injuries. Then, during the late evening hours, sometimes right into the wee hours of the next morning, the team of SafePicks.com NFL experts will spend hours on conference call, (with other SafePicks.com contributors from across the continent) assessing the coming weekend of NFL games and preliminary NFL best bets to make. Generally, SafePicks.com NFL experts will have their picks available to our SP publisher by late Wednesday.  
Approximate schedule time consumed: 12 - 15 hours.

Thursday SafePicks NFL Weekly Schedule: Final NFL Best Bets & NFL Predictions
Literally, at the crack of dawn, the every member of the SafePicks.com NFL team of experts spends the Thursday schedule analyzing the NFL betting lines and any line moves, no matter how trivial. On Thursdays during a typical pro football handicapping week, we schedule football operations that revolve around assessing final best bets to be made and NFL picks to publish to our International media subscribers & vendors.  Any critical change of these NFL picks are re-sent to the SafePicks.com publisher.  Venues, games, and schedules (start times) for the upcoming weekend are examined closely.  Countless factors are assessed and applied to upcoming NFL games, such as lingering injuries, team travel, illnesses, suspensions, key weather/storm systems, as well as even public opinion based on hunches.  A close watch is kept at where the money is going on any given game, where big swings are analyzed immensely.

Endless relevant NFL trends, historical, environmental, talent, and technical data from both in-house resources and outside contributing resources are closely examined and analyzed for impact on upcoming NFL games. Then the SafePicks team of NFL experts will seek out exclusive information from inside sources out in the field, as it directly relates to the NFL betting lines and ultimately, establishing our NFL point spread picks. The team will engage in a sometimes very long round-table discussion to establish expectations from the coming weekend.  Finally, preliminary NFL point spread picks and NFL best bets to be made are formulated based on the NFL betting lines, raw data, computer program outputs, exclusive information collected, and everything else analyzed in between! Time to deliver weekly NFL expert picks... final SafePicks NFL straight-up and NFL point spread picks are posted to all user accounts by Thursday evenings. (Please note for 2011: NFL picks are expected to be posted to user accounts by Wed. late PM or Thurs. early AM.)   
Approximate schedule time consumed: 11 - 14 hours.

Friday’s Handicapping and the Handicapping NFL Schedule At SafePicks.com 
The schedule for ‘NFL football Friday’ as we like to call it is simple, we wrap it up!  SafePicks.com gears up for another exciting weekend of NFL football! Last-minute news updates and any new information will be examined on Friday, including moves with the NFL betting lines, injury report updates, and any other new developments potentially impacting upcoming NFL weekend games. Although SafePicks.com will have already posted weekly NFL picks including NFL point spread picks on Thursday evening, new developments will also be posted for your viewing information only. NFL picks are rarely adjusted after posting, but may occur depending on circumstance and new NFL information obtained.  Approximate schedule time consumed: 8 - 10 hours.

Saturday Is Reserved SafePicks.com NFL Betting!
Much of the NFL experts team at SafePicks.com will spend most of Saturday morning preparing for the NFL game day to follow.  Now, a preliminary schedule of SafePicks handicapping operations for the following week takes place. We schedule NFL football handicapping activities, while booking meetings and appointments for the following week.  Basically, we schedule another week all over again!  Near day's end, SafePicks.com founders and the team of NFL experts at SafePicks.com will eventually engage in some NFL betting action of their own, purely based on their forecasted NFL point spread picks and current NFL betting lines (as posted at SafePicks.com)!  It’s simple, our NFL experts BET WHAT THEY POST ON SafePicks.com!  See Some SafePicks.com Success Pics Here>>    Approximate schedule time consumed: 8 - 10 hours.

Sunday Ends But Starts Another SafePicks NFL Football Week Schedule
All is quiet around SafePicks.com headquarters. Most of the day is reserved for viewing ALL the NFL action! In some cases, our SafePicks handicapping team will watch multiple NFL football games simultaneously on Sunday.  At SafePicks.com, NFL football is more than an addiction as not one second of live NFL action is ever missed!  Final plans are made for meetings to follow the next day as the NFL football week schedule cycle begins all over again... inside a week of SafePicks NFL picks and NFL handicapping!  Approximate schedule time consumed: 8 - 12 hours.

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