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NFL Betting Advice

SafePicks NFL Predictions:  Learn NFL Betting Advice And Betting Strategies  (Get NFL Fantasy Football Tips, Strategies, & Advice Here >>) 

Before NFL Betting Of Any Kind, Get The NFL Betting Advice And Strategies and WIN with SafePicks NFL Predictions - trusted since 2003.  Go SAFE.  Get Paid.  Done!

This portion of this page has been created for all visitors, especially NFL betting beginners seeking NFL betting advice, tips and NFL betting strategies.  Before engaging in NFL betting of any kind, take note...
1.    Know The NFL Betting Glossary:
Click Here for the SafePicks glossary of NFL football betting terms. It's good to know what means what, especially for all NFL betting beginners.
2.   Find The Best NFL Point Spread Odds Or NFL Betting Lines: 
Finding accurate NFL odds or NFL point spreads is as important a factor as any. You must make sure you get the absolute best line out there for your NFL betting dollar. Find a good NFL sportsbook. With all the sportsbooks around, NFL odds will vary greatly. SafePicks provides you with current NFL odds and NFL point spreads from reliable sources. So if you're NFL betting, get the best NFL point spreads and odds for your buck.
3.   Emotionally Pumped:
Emotions of an NFL team can play a huge role when it comes to NFL betting. For example, an NFL team having the home field advantage can make all the difference in a game, especially in a game that has playoff implications. Also, expect an NFL team coming off a heartbreaking loss on the road to play extremely well the following week. There are so many different emotional signs, too much to list here. But the expert team at provide NFL Expert picks based on the exhausting analysis of all the emotions that flow week after week, especially because an emotionally-charged team can very well impact the outcome of any given game.
4.   BEST NFL Betting Advice - Cap or Limit Your Plays:
Limit weekly NFL betting plays (parlays, point spread, etc.) to between 3 and 7 games. The resulting payout on these plays may not be huge, depending on how much is wagered. But they hold more value in terms of overall odds and generally are more worth while playing. These plays allow the capturing of the best picks any weekend has to offer. It also helps to keep better track of records as well. On the other hand, 9 or 12 game NFL betting plays are simply a waste of time simply because the probability of winning on these plays are extremely low. Plus, keeping track of these plays can get rather cumbersome, especially when wagering less money on them.
5.   A Win Last Week Is Not One This Week:
Be very cautious about the 'winning streak syndrome'. So many fall into the trap of taking a team (to win) because of its performance the previous week or two. Sure, teams do enjoy winning streaks, but streaks are always broken and at random too. Besides, oddsmakers will observe these teams and adjust the NFL point spreads and lines accordingly, killing the opportunity to capitalize on a 'hot' team. This means a team winning one or even two weekends in a row, may not necessarily give you a win the weekend after, especially if the lines are changed accordingly.
6.   Get The Facts Straight Or Get Expert SafePicks NFL Predictions - trusted since 2003:
You should gather as much real information as possible if you plan to engage in NFL betting. Most of what you need is available in newspapers or online, or even better yet, through a good NFL Expert Picks source like SafePicks NFL Predictions. At the end of the day, bet on facts, not fiction nor gut feelings!  Or else, get on board with SafePicks expert NFL Predictions, not only will you get solid NFL betting picks, every game comes with ALL the factual information you could ever need too!
7.   NFL Betting Advice & Strategies - When In Doubt:
If you go engage in NFL betting alone, without an NFL handicapping book, then when in doubt, always bet the dog. It's as simple as that! Although you can make a lot of money betting the favorites, if you're totally undecided as to which team to should bet the underdog. 
8.   Huddles Not Hunches:
Never follow your emotions or hunches when it comes to NFL betting. These kinds of feelings are useless for winning at NFL betting. If you go it alone without the services of a NFL handicapping book, then always use the wealth of stats, the tons of information, and even the news available to you. Do the homework. Just stay away from hunches and emotions because they simply are not enough to bet on.  Or let SafePicks NFL Expert Picks do all the work for you! 
9.    Never Chase Your Dollars:
Many in the NFL betting public will chase their money all the way to the Monday night game. Do not do this. If you are down (losing) for the weekend and you don't like the Monday night game, then so be it. Leave it alone and just walk away. It's always better to wait for next week's round of NFL betting then to lose even more on the Monday nighter, adding insult to injury (financially, that is). In the long-term, it pays to stop the money-chasing madness!
10.    For Entertainment Purposes Only: 
If you decide to engage in some NFL betting, keep it entertaining and fun to do. Gamble intelligently and capitalize on the advantages of having an NFL handicapping source on your side. It's worth the small price to pay for one to make this form of entertainment even more the enjoyable. However, be absolutely sure you know how to draw the clear line between entertainment and problem gambling too. If it ever becomes problem gambling, then get help, fast.
11.    NFL Betting Strategies - The Sky Is NOT The Limit!: 
Give yourself a limit with regards to time and money spent for this type of entertainment. Treat NFL betting as if it were a sport. You wouldn't agonize through three double header days of baseball back to back consecutively, or a marathon viewing session of three, four, or even five hockey games in one night, so don't overkill the gambling either. Set the limit and stick to it!  This is a basic rule for the SafePicks NFL Expert Picks team!
12.   NFL Betting Advice - Killer Myths:
Unfortunately, there are far too many myths in the NFL betting world, too many to list here. Ultimately, it's important to know myths do indeed exist. There are two great myths we believe are the biggest of them all when it comes to NFL betting! First, there is no such thing as 'perfect' NFL handicapping. Stay away from those NFL handicappers that promise miracles or produce hype to no end. A good winning handicapper is one who can consistently average between than 60% and 70% (winning percentage) accuracy at season's end. Such a task to accomplish is difficult, attainable only by the best of cappers in the business! Action speaks louder than words. Sure, there are some good cappers out there who maintain good overall average winning accuracies (picks), year over year.
The second greatest myth in the NFL gambling world has to do with 'locks'. There is no such thing as locks, plain and simple. Those that profess that there is such a thing are those that should be avoided. Think about it, if there were such a thing as locks, millions of people would be multi-millionaire gamblers! There is NO such thing as a 'SURE THING' or 'LOCK' when it comes to NFL betting. A 'perfect handicapper' and 'locks' are probably the two greatest myths out there when it comes to NFL betting. So be wise, perfect NFL handicapping and locks are nothing more than myths.  Now SafePicks NFL Expert Picks do endorse and provide 'NFL best bets' which have a high probability of success... but that's about it!
13.   Seasons Within The Season:  
As the NFL football season progresses, it's important to consider that a football season is really 4 seasons all wrapped up into one. For NFL betting purposes, each of these 4 seasons should be bet on differently. NFL betting professionals and NFL handicapping books know this very fact. For example, there is a huge difference, in terms of gambling on an NFL conference game played in December, as opposed to one played in September.   By slicing the season up into four equal quarters, increased your odds of winning. This is an efficient and systematic approach to NFL betting and SafePicks utilizes it.
NFL Betting Advice & Strategies:  NFL Betting Systems
Almost everybody uses strategy when determining NFL picks, especially when it comes to picking NFL football winners. Heck, there must be a thousand different "Cheat Sheets" available on the Internet. While SafePicks does not subscribe to any particular system -- and we certainly don't endorse any of the so-called NFL handicapping 'Gurus' - we at would like to share with you some free NFL betting advice, and NFL betting strategies, that may (or may not) be useful. You decide.
1.   NFL Football Point Spread - Spotting a Bargain:
Can 3½ points be a better line than 9½ points? You bet! Football scoring is a "numbers game"...points are added to the score in units of 2, 3, 6, 7 or 8. With this in mind, its important to realize that CERTAIN NFL POINT SPREADS posted by the bookmaker ARE MORE IMPORTANT than others. Because a relatively high percentage of games end with a margin of victory in increments of these numbers, it's imperative that attention be paid to the most meaningful NFL point spreads. Well over half of all NFL football games end with one of ten possible differences in the score: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, or 17. So, the "Half-Point" move off any of these numbers can represent a significant NFL betting opportunity.
2.   Watch For Threes:
For example, a line of +3.5 is a BARGAIN compared to that same underdog at +3 ...this indicates that the favored team must now score a touchdown as opposed to a field goal in order to win the game. So, in essence, a line move to +3.5 can be considered much more significant that, say, a line move from +5 to +5.5. And, by the very same logic, a point spread that moves from +3 to +2.5 indicates a RISKY BET on the underdog. These half-point line changes from a point spread of 3 can be much more significant than larger changes. For instance, a line change from +7.5 to +9.5 is hardly worth noticing. Because NFL football games do not usually end with a margin of 8 or 9, the move from +7.5 to +9.5 doesn't make much difference. When a team covers, or fails to cover, 7.5 points, they almost always cover, or fail to cover, 9.5 as well.
3.   The 13 Most Important Numbers For NFL Betting:
To gamble on NFL football, it's important to realize that certain scores are more likely to occur than other scores. Would you believe that only 13 different numbers represent more than 66% of all NFL football scores! It's true! When predicting final football scores, you must take into account these REAL NUMBERS ...7, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, and 31.
These numbers (plus scores in the category of "Over 40") are the only real numbers worth considering when forecasting the final outcome. Always adjust your NFL predictions accordingly should you choose to go it alone. In other words, say you've forecast the Titans over the Rams by a score of 30-26 ...this score probably won't happen! Adjust your numbers to a score with a higher probability of occurring ...say, 31-24 or 28-27. Now you are dealing with a point spread worthy of consideration.
4.   Make Your NFL Betting Money Count:
Gamblers or prospective gamblers beware! Most gambling hype you read, see, or hear in regard to betting sports is misinformed, erroneous or simply designed to take your money before you even place a bet. In order to be successful sports bettor, you have to have skills in money management, play selection, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations as to what you can expect to win if you are successful. Let's look at a safe method of money management:
Size of Bet: $20 - $30 per game --
Recommended Minimum Bankroll: $1,000 - $2,000
Size of Bet: $40 - $50 per game --
Recommended Minimum Bankroll: $2,000 - $3,000
Size of Bet: $100 per game --
Recommended Minimum Bankroll: $5,000
Size of Bet: $500 per game --
Recommended Minimum Bankroll: $25,000
5.   Ups, Downs, And Streaks:
Most NFL gamblers start the season with absolutely no clue as to how much capital it takes to withstand the ups and downs of a typical NFL football season. You should give yourself enough money to actually make some at the end of the year. NFL gambling is nearly always full of streaks. With some of the NFL handicapping services out there, you're still going to lose up to 35 percent of your bets, especially, if you go it alone, (without an NFL handicapper). So be prepared. You've got a bankroll, so what's next?
Divide it up as follows:
Average Bet
Here is the important part. Never risk more than 25 percent to 30 percent of your bankroll on any week. In other words, if you like 5 pro games you will bet 6 percent of our bankroll on each game. On the best plays you will bet 8 percent and maybe 2 to 3 times a year you will find a game that's worth 10 percent of your bankroll. If you love a lot of action, simply drop your bet size (2 percent to 3 percent), but never risk more than 33 percent of your bankroll in one day. If you win one week, your bankroll is larger so you'll automatically increase your bets as you win and conversely decrease your bets as you lose. 
The purpose of the reserve is to re-capitalize one of your bankrolls if the season starts out cold and you hit an early losing streak. In a typical year you should be cautious weeks 1 - 4, be bold weeks 5 - 12, and then revert to caution until the playoffs and Super Bowl games. This is a simple money management scheme and we do coach you on taking profits or when to use your reserve as the season progresses. There are more sophisticated methods of money management available, but for most people this method should work just fine. Start betting the way you usually do, and then do the same using the money management method (imaginary). Then keep track of your hypothetical bankrolls using this method. This should give you a good idea of how the system works at the very least, which in itself is a start in the right direction.