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NFL Superbowl
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  • 11/28/2018: I joined the SafePicks website in 2007 as a lifetime member - the BEST investment ever! GO GOPHERS!
    Trevor Rayburn
    Duluth, MN
  • 03/05/2015: A total NO brainer for me! I just copied your picks every week and won my NFL pool 4 times last year... count me in boys!
    Jill Karnagy
    Flint, MI
  • 02/10/2014: You guys killed it, you made me A LOT of money during the NFL playoffs! Awesome picks guys! A very BIG thank you!!
    Roy T.
    Markham, ON
  • 01/12/2013: Hey guys, your college football bowl predictions were pretty damn good! I did quite well with them, keep up the great work!
    Roger S.
    Calgary, AB
  • 02/23/2013: We hit Vegas for my Superbowl birthday AND thanks to SafePicks, I BET ALL-IN on Baltimore for a huge payday win! Thanks guys!!
    Glen Turcotte
    Newark, NY
  • 03/02/2012: SP is no joke. I've cashed-in time and again using SafePicks. You guys are the REAL deal! Just good stuff and DON'T STOP!!
    Barry W.
    San Nicolas, AB
  • 09/22/2012: Can't deny it, but your college football picks just kicked last year! Really looking forward to another profitable year with SafePicks!
    Dirk Hennesy
    Prescott, AZ
  • 05/04/2012: I WON 3 NFL pools in 2011 with your help, plus the really nice January bonus $$! You're heads above the rest, keep it up in 2012!
    Ryan T.
    Oakville, ON
  • 12/30/2016: Awesome college football bowl picks guys I'm cashing in every weekend thanks to you! KEEP IT GOING!
    Jordon Tremblant
    Montreal, PQ

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