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  • 11/28/2018: I joined the SafePicks website in 2007 as a lifetime member - the BEST investment ever! GO GOPHERS!
    Trevor Rayburn
    Duluth, MN
  • 03/05/2015: A total NO brainer for me! I just copied your picks every week and won my NFL pool 4 times last year... count me in boys!
    Jill Karnagy
    Flint, MI
  • 02/10/2014: You guys killed it, you made me A LOT of money during the NFL playoffs! Awesome picks guys! A very BIG thank you!!
    Roy T.
    Markham, ON
  • 01/12/2013: Hey guys, your college football bowl predictions were pretty damn good! I did quite well with them, keep up the great work!
    Roger S.
    Calgary, AB
  • 02/23/2013: We hit Vegas for my Superbowl birthday AND thanks to SafePicks, I BET ALL-IN on Baltimore for a huge payday win! Thanks guys!!
    Glen Turcotte
    Newark, NY
  • 03/02/2012: SP is no joke. I've cashed-in time and again using SafePicks. You guys are the REAL deal! Just good stuff and DON'T STOP!!
    Barry W.
    San Nicolas, AB
  • 09/22/2012: Can't deny it, but your college football picks just kicked last year! Really looking forward to another profitable year with SafePicks!
    Dirk Hennesy
    Prescott, AZ
  • 05/04/2012: I WON 3 NFL pools in 2011 with your help, plus the really nice January bonus $$! You're heads above the rest, keep it up in 2012!
    Ryan T.
    Oakville, ON
  • 12/30/2016: Awesome college football bowl picks guys I'm cashing in every weekend thanks to you! KEEP IT GOING!
    Jordon Tremblant
    Montreal, PQ
SafePicks SafeBits

NFL Experts Best Bet Picks Winning R.O.I. Since 2003, 13-1 ATS In The Last 14 Years with Super Bowl Predictions & Super Bowl Picks 

Don't be a weekly NFL pools or NFL betting loser.   Winners choose SafePicks.com for weekly NFL pool picks & Super Bowl Prediction Picks.  Our success pays!  NFL experts that thousands have trusted for years.  GET SAFE, GET HIGH ROI for the 2023 SafePicks NFL betting season!


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SafePicks NFL Experts & Super Bowl Prediction Success & SafeBits For You!
We call it SafePicks SafeBits which basically highlights some of SafePicks.com's "key" accomplishments and other items of note to date.  Also, on this page, feel free to browse our 2021 NFL game predictions, NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl predictions, and see what the NFL experts at SafePicks.com are predicting to transpire in the 2021 - 2022 NFL playoff season! SafePicks.com NFL Experts have great pride in providing NFL football game predictions that thousands have relied on over the years. SafePicks NFL Expert Picks settles for nothing less than success, this means a full season of predictions for NFL football that simply... PAY!  Jump to 2021-2022 NFL playoffs and Super Bowl predictions picks now >>.

SafePicks NFL Experts Predictions Success - Pics PROOF!
Go ahead, see SafePicks success for yourself. SafePicks.com does PAY! See SafePicks.com NFL Predictions Success Pics (actual winnings and other pics - proof snapshots from some of the SafePicks.com co-founding members and more)!  SP game predictions for NFL do pay! 

Getting SafePicks Means ROI NFL Experts - Super Bowl Predictions & NFL Experts Picks Highlights
SafePicks.com NFL Experts Picks and Predictions have accomplished many feats! Our SafePicks.com NFL experts made thousands of you loyal fans -- thanks to our winning pro football picks and NFL game predictions! SafePicks.com's team of NFL experts have made so many successfully accurate NFL football predictions, from NFL pro football picks to NFL playoff predictions, to Super Bowl picks and predictions... Now, you can see our annually UPDATED expert NFL predictions Past Performance archives which is extensive or you can enjoy the following quick snapshot of SafePicks SafeBits then and now (for seeing beyond 2013, please see PAST SafePicks Picks Performance rolling archives):

  • 2013: As of Feb. 2013, SafePicks.com boasts 70% ROI (return on investment) for $100 Bettors in the 2012 - 2013 football season 
  • 2012: As of Feb. 2012, SafePicks.com boasts a lifetime record of 2701 – 838 and overall a highly successful campaign!  SafePicks NFL Experts went 9-2 ATS in the 2011 - 2012 NFL playoffs predictions: predicting the NY Giants to win through to Super Bowl.  An 82%+ ROI NFL Experts, bankroll of $10,000 grows to $18,200)
  • 2011: As of Feb. 2011, SafePicks.com boasts a 69.1% ROI NFL Experts and a HEALTHY lifetime record to date
  • 2010: As of Feb. 2010, SafePicks.com boasts a 68.7% ROI NFL Experts with a lifetime record to date of 2435 - 701
  • 2009: SafePicks NFL Experts Super Bowl Prediction was correct: predicting New Orleans to be 2009 Super Bowl Champions! Thousands saw our bold Super Bowl prediction picks right here on this page (Super Bowl Prediction Picks below) 
  • 2008: NFL season: 72%+ ROI NFL Experts, bankroll of $10,000 grows to $17,200
  • 2007: SafePicks NFL Experts Super Bowl predictions pick: correctly predicting NYG to be 2007 Super Bowl champions, hitting 90% (ATS and SU) in the 2007 NFL playoffs!  UNMATCHED IN THE INDUSTRY!
  • 2006: NFL Best Bets 78%+ ROI, bankroll of $10,000 grows to $17,800
  • 2005: SafePicks.com free NFL picks complimentary program, no charge NFL picks and an overall 69%+ ROI
  • 2004: SafePicks NFL Experts correctly predict in the 2004 off-season, that San Diego would win the AFC West for a 90 - 1 successful payout
  • 72% or better lifetime, all NFL Best Bets (ATS and SU) through 11 seasons
  • 367 - 142 NFL Best Bets record (5 NFL Season span) 2003 - 2008
  • Effective Feb. 2012: 387% bankroll growth LIFETIME ROI NFL Experts, (i.e. bankroll of $10,000 grows to $38,700 - very high ROI)
  • 10 winning seasons in the last 11 seasons online, (71.5% success, ALL NFL picks)
  • 14 winning seasons in the last 15 seasons, online & offline (81% success)

Yes! Our NFL experts at SafePicks.com have provided users with many years of NFL Football prediction success! NFL experts predictions are our business - and business is indeed good! Again, see more historical info about our NFL Experts Picks at SafePicks.com Past Performance which will show mostly pure success from SafePick.com NFL game predictions!  Success shows, after a decade of our expert game predictions for NFL, or NFL playoffs predictions and our WINNING Super Bowl predictions & picks, they still absolutely pay - which is why thousands choose SafePicks.com!

SafePicks NFL Experts Handicapping – More SafeBits Success
Successful SafePicks predictions for NFL games and Super Bowl predictions come from our "hand-picked" team of NFL experts - our inhouse NFL handicapping professionals. They work so hard so that SafePicks.com users like you -- don't ever have to! When our NFL Experts succeed with accurate NFL game predictions, SafePicks.com finds success – as it has for years and years. So overall, SafePicks.com has been a HUGE success with expert NFL game predictions and picks (for MORE: see past performance NFL game predictions results archive for complete updated year to date 2013>>):
  • 2010: Wk 3, 5, 7 and Wk 14: Over 75% (ATS and SU).  Wk 1: 14 - 2 (SU) & 12 – 3 (ATS).  
  • 2009: Wk 2 and Wk 14: 10 - 6 (ATS); Wk 1: 14 - 2 (SU); Wk 1 NFL best bets: 5 – 2  (ATS) & 6 - 0 (SU); Wk 7 NFL Best bets: 5 - 2 (ATS)
  • 2008: Wk 1: 11 - 5 and 6 - 1 (ATS week picks and NFL best bets); Wk 6: 13 - 1 (SU) and 11 - 3 (ATS), 6 - 1 (ATS and SU NFL best bets); Wk 8: 11 - 3 (SU and ATS), WK 14: 13 - 3 (SU and ATS), Wk 14: 6 - 1 (SU and ATS NFL Best bets), and a PERFECT 7 - 0 in Week 10 NFL Best bets
  • 2007: NFL Best bets Wk 2, 4, 5: 15 - 6 (ATS); Wk 11: 13 - 1 ATS and 6 - 1 (ATS NFL Best bets), 9 - 2 (SU and ATS in NFL Playoffs)
  • 2006/2007: SafePicks.com NFL Experts Best Bets record of 87 - 32
  • 2006 Wk 2: 13 - 3 (SU and ATS), Wk 7 12 -1 (ATS), Wk 10: NFL Best bets 7 - 0 (SU) and 6 - 1 (ATS), Wk 11: 14 - 2 (SU and ATS); Wk 16 13 - 3 (SU and ATS), 6 -1 (SU NFL Best bets), Wk 17 6 - 1 (SU and ATS NFL Best bets)
  • 2005/06: SafePicks NFL Expert Picks Best Bets record of 83 - 36
  • 2005: Wk 4: 6 - 1 (SU and ATS NFL Best bets); Wk 7: 5 - 2 (ATS NFL Best bets), Wk 9: 12 - 1 ATS, Wk 10 6 - 1 (ATS NFL Best bets), Wk 13: 13 - 3 SU and ATS, Wk 17: 7 - 0 (SU) and 6 - 1 (ATS, NFL best bets)
  • See more from our NFL experts predictions in the SafePicks.com Past Performance archive for more information!

Yes! SafePicks NFL Experts Picks has been providing NFL football predictions and Super Bowl predictions picks that users like you rely on for years!  Count on more successful NFL predictions and NFL money picks from the NFL Experts at SafePicks.com in 2020!

2021 NFL Football Conference Predictions And 2021 Super Bowl Prediction Picks (This section is discontinued, Effective Sept. 8th, 2021)
Yes, SafePicks.com NFL experts deliver highly successful NFL predictions, NFL picks, and highly successful Super Bowl predictions... now let's delve into our future NFL playoff predictions for the 2019-2020 NFL football season! So check out these bold NFL predictions and Super Bowl predictions picks for the 2019 NFL Football season.  See SafePicks Blog for ALL final NFL season forecasts and division winners - posted by SP, straight from the desks of our NFL experts:
  • AFC Division Winners:  Coming Soon! 
  • NFC Division Winners:  Coming Soon!
  • NFL 'Surprise' Comeback Teams (AFC) we'll be watching (to finish better than last season):  Coming Soon! 
  • NFL 'Surprise Comeback Teams (NFC) we'll be watching (to finish better than last season):   Coming Soon!
  • Super Bowl Prediction (two potential conference finalists - AFC):  Coming Soon! 
  • Super Bowl Prediction (two potential conference finalists - NFC):  Coming Soon! 
  • Super Bowl Predictions (Championship Final matchup):   Coming Soon!   
  • Our final prediction for the 2019 Super Bowl winner is:  Coming Soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Also, see the SafePicks Blog at WordPress for MORE Super Bowl, Playoffs, and other NFL predictions, open access for everybody!