Topic: Over/under picks

Hey team can you give me any tips on picking over/unders? I use what you give me but for the remaining I need help. Thanks for your time, Menace.

Re: Over/under picks

Hey there Menace:  no real tips, because anything can happen in the NFL - which
is why perfection will never be a cinch in this business.  However, we are ahead of
the game and better positioned when knowing the information we do... i.e. the

1. defense vs. offense stats   

2.  climate, weather and/or indoor vs. outdoor

3.  play calling  (ultra conservative vs. letting loose)

4.  fatigue  (short week, long travel, etc.)

5.  trends

6.  health/injuries

7.  quarterback

8.   points/yards per game

9.   computer output

10.  opportunistic defenses and special teams

I would say top of my head all these factors come to mind... when figuring out totals and
O/U  just to do one game takes time to assess then forecast...   GL