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Whether it's NFL experts OLG Proline or ProPicks college football point spread predictions, or it's pro football spread picks, every week, has always had success year in and year out with OLG! NFL experts pro football picks and college football predictions will continue to be served up to our loyal user base. As we achieve success here and there, we will try to post many of those successes right on this page. started this page in late 2009 and our Webmaster will continue to update it with success pics from our one of our co-founding NFL Experts as best he can. So this page is dedicated to proof, pics proving NFL experts' success does pay! One of our site co-founders, his name is Bo, he is avidly into NFL and College football (NCAAF) betting. When he wins, our Webmaster will try and post his winning cards/plays right on this page. Basically, college football predictions or NFL football point spread predictions will be posted on the site per usual weekly. Bo will usually play the posted NFL or NCAAF picks at SP. What you get on is what our very own Bo is playing for the winner and proverbial cash-in! Here's to another season of great NFL or NCAAF college football predictions! (Please note: due to image file size issues impacting page loading, all pics posted to this page will be optimized to reduce file size and improve page load time. If necessary, a second page will be created once this page becomes too full with images). Pays! We love NFL OLG Over Under plays like this one for NFL Week 9! will enter its second year with our highly successful NFL Over Under best bets. This card belongs to Tipster22 from the SP site and this one is almost a cool grand. Anytime you can cash in $1000 on NFL Pro Line (Proline Over Under) is nice! You have to love NFL over/under, NFL Experts certainly do!
NFL experts week 9 over under pro line OLG
Our NFL Experts are at it again! You all might remember this one in NFL Week 15 last season, went 7-0 on NFL Over Under. How many of you cashed in for NFL Week 15? We all here at did. Tipster22, one of our NFL Experts here cashed in on this one for almost a cool $1200 (OLG Pro Line NFL Over Under). It PAYS to go with SafePicks NFL Experts! Whether it's college football picks or pro football picks, ATS point spread picks, over under picks, SP does pay! Over 10 years of success and thousands of users later... and SP still rocks!
NFL week 15 over under pro picks
He was a former SP contributor and now he is with a major national news chain: here are his NFL picks ATS (i.e. NFL point spread picks) for NFL Week 3! This is an actual pic of his published picks for NFL Week 3 (Sept. 25, 2009). What an amazing feat to go 15 - 1 ATS! He's on board with the NFL experts team for 2010 at and maybe beyond every NFL Week of football (and college football)! Results like that are NFL point spread picks to bank on?! He finished 70% on the year for NFL point spread picks (ATS), wow! NFL Experts at do pay! Find out why thousands already choose SafePicks NFL Experts college football and pro football picks!
NFL week 3 point spread picks ATS experts
This is a special winning NFL OVER UNDER play from NFL Week 5, 2009. Another winner from one of the co-founders, and contributor, Bo. This is a winning OLG pro line NFL over under play which Bo showed off for us in this pic, before cashing it in. Due to non-stop requests for over under, NFL OVER UNDER is coming to (in 2010)! 2011 Update: NFL Over Under is so totally here to stay at SafePicks. Enjoy the experts success at SP! We do!
NFL pro line over under week 5
Well, here is another winning play from NFL Week 8 (2009). This time, it is NFL Props OLG betting as Bo bets it all! If it's NFL and you can win some cash, Bo's betting on it. :-) This one is a Green Bay versus Minnesota NFL Pro Picks Props play (OLG Sports Lottery) that ended up hitting the money! By this point in the NFL season, Bo was up $9950 (+9950) on a mere & strict one-thousand dollar season-starting bankroll. Not bad? Bo is pushing experts to bring NFL Pro Picks Props plays. So NFL Experts will be introducing NFL props plays soon... maybe in the 2012 or 2013 NFL season!
NFL week 8 pro picks props OLG
Yes, you gotta love college football picks (NCAAF)! At, expect more expert college football picks, (NCAAF picks) in 2011. This is another winning card belonging to Bo who is up a ton of units... and over $15,000 strong. This is from Week 14 in the NCAAF, ATS point spread picks plays are his favorite (even a college football Week 13 winner Bo cashed in for a little less)! A simple but profitable college football point spread ATS play here for the money! Gotta love expert college football predictions from that pay!! You all asked, we delivered. Experts College football picks and predictions (NCAAF) are here to stay at! It's showtime! Show me the money honey! We're so excited about expert college football point spread predictions & picks at SP... hope you are too. NCAAF picks and college football predictions will continue in 2012!
NCAAF week 13 week 14 college football picks is excited to introduce Expert College Football predictions picks and point spread plays (NCAAF) in 2010... this is another one of Bo's winning college football point spread picks play (Week 13 NCAAF point spread picks and Week 11 two weeks before). is looking forward to success with Expert College Football predictions and NCAAF point spread ATS picks in 2011 and beyond. Let's go Bo! Yup! does PAY with our own college football experts in the house! Expert college football predictions at DO PAY!!
NCAAF Week 11 Experts College Football Pro Picks
This is from Tipster22, NFL Playoffs, a point spread ATS picks play (from the NFL Divisional playoff weekend NFL playoff Week 2, 2009). Yes, this is another winning NFL football point spread ATS play! Chalk up another point spread win at! Thousands of users capitalized too... as our NFL football picks and predictions for that same playoff weekend were posted just the same onsite! SP does Pay! Get your NFL football point spread picks at for 2012!
NFL Week 2 football point spread ATS picks
In 2009, as the summer ended and NFL Week 1 was quickly rising just over the horizon, our core contributing NFL experts (Bo, Tipster22, and the gang) published their annual 2009-2010 NFL Super Bowl picks and predictions. What you see here is the ACTUAL Super Bowl prediction from that season (summer 2009), as exactly published - cut and pasted right here! Thousands of our loyal users were treated to a Super Bowl prediction that PAID off! Some Vegas outfits were giving 30-1 odds on that winning Super Bowl prediction! A few of our contributors did cash in large on this prediction. ( generally bets/plays what it publishes every NFL Week). was the only site on the Web to predict New Orleans (who finished 8-8 the season before) to be 2009 Super Bowl winners and world champions! In 2007, we predicted the NY Giants to win the Super Bowl, another great pick from SafePicks experts. Last year in 2010, our prediction was that the Green Bay Packers would be NFC champions! Super Bowl predictions have been really good... better than what you can get out there for Super Bowl predictions and Super Bowl picks. Watch out for the SP Super Bowl prediction for the 2012 NFL Season! GO SP!
NFL Super Bowl Prediction week pick
This is a pic of a NCAAF point spread play (expert College Football point spread ATS play) from Week 4 (2009)... just before FanNY1976 (he is on SafePicks experts forums and also an part time SP contributor, see his NFL Week 6 picks for the money) cashed in! In this college football point spread play, a $40 bet translated to a $1400 payout! Not bad for an college football NCAAF point spread ATS payout? NFL experts try their hardest best to provide nothing but success and college football point spread picks and pro predictions (NCAAF) that pay!
NCAAF week 4 week 6 point spread picks predictions
One of our co-founders recently picked up a modest (not too extravagant) set of wheels to cruise in. Bo wanted to show off (not the car) but the license plate he put on it! Picked up right after NFL Week 7 in 2010 and another ATS point spread OLG winner. It's his wheels? NFL Expert Picks... do PAY. Go to!
NFL Expert Picks Week 7
If you look carefully, this one is played the same week as another one featured on this page! Our NFL Experts did well in NFL Week 15 and NFL Week 11 too! Again, many of you remember that week as went 7-0 on NFL Over Under for the win large. We all here at did cash in. Tipster22, one of our NFL Experts here also cashed in on another pro line NFL over under play in that same week! This one cashed for almost $1100 (Pro Line NFL Over Under). 2 winning Pro Line NFL over under plays picks for Tipster22 in NFL Week 15 at! That was a good week for all of us and you! It PAYS to go with SafePicks NFL Experts for NFL over under!
NFL over under proline Week 11
Our own Tipster22 does not have time to participate in NFL Football pools! But the only NFL football pool he did participate in was for Bet Phoenix pools last season amongst 1000 others. Now, he did not win it, BUT he did finish "in the money"! This was because he did quite well in NFL Week 7 and NFL Week 9 finishing near perfect with ATS point spread picks. He was merely off 1st place by +100 units. However, he proudly tells us that he had the best winning percentage and highest win ratio out of them all in this NFL football pool! Still going +19750 units in ANY NFL season is not too bad itself! We are so glad Tipster22 is in the fold of experts for years to come!
NFL football pool NFL pools week 8
Another NFL point spread play that Bo ( co-founder and contributor) cashed in as he likes to do every NFL week! prides itself in NFL point spread picks that simply pay! Get Safe, go with NFL expert picks for winning ATS point spread picks in 2012!
2012 NFL week ats point spread picks
We have another one of our co-founders who just picked up his new set of wheels last week! ALL he does is cash-in on college football predictions and winning point spread picks. He has a large faithful following on Internet radio, every week providing awesome college football predictions and picks that pay!! (He used to be famous on local radio giving out his sports picks.) Now, he is driving around in an unbelievably loaded 2011 300C AWD with a near-400HP motor (5.7L Hemi engine). Congrats to another one of our Tipsters who picked this up after a winning point spread ticket cashed from NFL week 6. We have 3 of them on the team! We have another co-founder (and another tipster) who lives in Vegas... but he does not drive. Oh well. Anyway, we look forward to cashing in large on college football picks & predictions this football season!
college football predictions picks
This is 1 of 5 winning tickets right from Bo's wallet and all from NFL Week 2, NFL (2011 Season). Bo is up about $4800 heading into NFL Week 3 and even NFL Week 4 is looking opportunistic to our NFL experts at SafePicks! Most of the gang here including Bo make ATS point spread picks plays (OLG Point Spread) based on the point spread picks published on! Yes NFL Week 2 was a success for everybody! does pay!!
NFL Week 2 point spread SafePicks
NFL Week 1 and 2 success. NFL Week 3 even more success! It PAYS to go SAFE! Here is Bo's 2 WINNING OLG Point Spread tickets from Week 3, worth a cool $2000. Bo has cashed 7 out of 8 tickets in the last 3 weeks! Bo is up $7800 and we have not even seen Week 4 yet!! Could be a great year!! But it's not just Bo though, he posted some of these plays on the SP forum and judging from some of the emails we got, it seems like many of our SP members played the same picks and are cashing in winning tickets too! Congrats to all! It’s been a profitable NFL season so far, we all look forward to doing it again in Week 4! Watch for more of Bo's point spread plays in the SP Forum! Let's win again in Week 4!
NFL Week 3 point spread
Every now and then, Bo will play some Pro Picks from OLG -- and win! This one is another winning ticket for Bo. All in all, the 2011 - 2012 NFL betting season was a profitable one for Bo and the world! We look forward to doing even more for our SP users in 2012!
OLG Proline Winner NFL
Here is another NCAAF college football winner given by Bo. That week went 6-1 ATS in college football, and judging from your feedback, it was not just Bo who cashed in! Cashing in is a beautiful thing! We were pleased with our 2011 college football picks and we're looking for an even more profitable college football season in 2012! Here's to cashing in with college football picks!
NCAAF Pro Picks Point Spread
SafePicks co-founder Bo passed this one on to us, another winning college football point spread Week 11 ticket. Just have to love SafePicks ATS college football and pro football picks. will continue to feature NCAAF college football picks for all members - coming off a 2011 season finishing almost 70% (college football point spread Best Bets ATS picks). Looking forward to another profitable college football season!
NCAAF football picks Week 11
Bo and the SafePicks team participated in their 2nd NFL Fantasy Pool, entering as SPFreak. Two seasons ago, out of 25 participants, they finished in their NFL Fantasy Pool in a respectable 4th place. Last year, for the 2011-2012 NFL season, they finished in their NFL Fantasy Pool in 2nd place – and in the money! 25 participants paid $1000, although first place paid a nice $13,000 - Bo and company (we’ll say SafePicks) took home a cool $8000 for 2nd place. Not bad at all! will provide periodic NFL Fantasy Pool insight and their NFL Fantasy Pool picks, starting with the 2012 season and beyond. Simply check the forum for updates.
NFL Fantasy Pool Picks
A decent win from NFL Week 6! It's a OLG Proline Over Under winning ticket! SafePicks went 5-1 with Over Under in Week 6. Judging from SafePicks users, there were several of us cashing in! These picks were posted in the forums for our users to try - and cash in too!
This is another one of Bo's winners from NFL Week 6! OLG Point Spread 2012. SafePicks enjoyed a winning week across the board!
OLG Point Spread NFL
Here is the OLG Proline Over Under winning ticket Bo posted in the SafePicks forums for NFL Week 7, hope SP users cashed like he did!
OLF NFL Over Under Proline
Another OLG winner from Week 9, NFL, 2012. This is a winning OLG Props ticket.
OLG Props Winning Ticket NFL